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NAÏVE INNOVA Co., Ltd. offers customized nano-encapsulation services and scale up nanoparticle synthesis and processing from the lab-scale process into a realistic version of the large-scale manufacturing process for commercialization.

Our nanocarrier platforms are scalable and enable us to maintain the product quality at the output levels from 5L – 1,000L per day for nanocarrier synthesis. This makes us an ideal supplier of high-performance materials for large-scale applications.


Need help with developing a new product to introduce in the market? Or you want to advance the nanotechnology to capitalize new opportunity? 

The Research and Development team of NAIVE INNOVA have vast experience to design and develop a new product tailored to the goals of the customer. By working directly with us, you’re assured of getting an innovative product of your specifications. 


We also provide full characterization (size, size distribution, Z-Potential and entrapment efficiency) of nanoparticles as well as their stability in various simulated conditions available: Gastric conditions, intestinal conditions, dermal and transdermal assays.

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In order to enhance your production capability, making you capable of supplying high-volume orders, we also offer "nano-PLUG IN" that provides supports in equipped process development lab for Upstream and Downstream process optimization as well as quality control, scale up from 1 to 1,000L per Day.


The programme aims to deliver theoretical and practical training on four important aspects and applications of  nanotechnology-based drug delivery system: (i) Fundamental concepts in nanoscience and nanotechnology; (ii) Nanotechnological Innovation in pharmaceutical food and cosmeceutical industries; (iii) Classification of nanoparticles and their applications in different industries; (iv) Upscale production of nanoparticles and quality control. All workshop programmes will include practical laboratory sessions for related nanoparticle synthesis and device fabrication projects.


Our team has a long experience in Technology Transfer. We act as a bridge between the wealth of knowledge developed in University and industrial companies that want to adopt new nanovation (nanotechnology + innovation) to capture new market competitiveness by using nanotechnology.

We offer free consultations for all products and services. We will help you think through your ideas and provide examples for how we can make them happen.

Our Services: Projects
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